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Observations from a local parent

Alan Morrison July 10, 2012 Comments Off on Observations from a local parent
Observations from a local parent

The following was provided to us by a parent of a wrestler from a Lincoln club:

“Over the past couple months of watching tournaments, I want the Norris coaches to know how VERY impressed I have been with the positive attitude that their kids bring to the mat.  They clearly want to win, but are also friendly and very good sports.  I saw some shockingly bad sportsmanship from some clubs, so I started to notice who came to the tournmanet with a good attitude.  And, the kids in the black and white uniforms always seemed to come with a good attitude.  I will admit that it took me a couple weeks to figure out that it was Norris since so many clubs in the area wear Black.  But, I eventually figured it out.”

“Until January I had no idea that club wrestling even existed, so I came to the sport with newbie eyes.  There is a lot that I liked about it, and some things that I did not like.  I wanted my participating kid (a kindergartner) to have fun, learn to respect coaches, learn to respect his opponents, and make some friends.  We have had a wonderful expeience and hes has done all those things.  But after sitting through a few tournaments, I noticed that there are a lot of kids and parents that have forgotten about both fun and respect.”

“My son only wrestled one kid from Norris this year, and I was not suprised that the Norris kid seemed happy to be there, wrestled hard using pretty good fundamentals, and seemed respectful to my son and the coaches.  In my son’s next match, he wrestled a kid from another club, and the kid pouted, cried, and the non-coach parents actually ran onto the mat several times.  That was not a positive wrestling experience.  So, I feel compelled to acknowledge those folks that are doing it in the manner that I appreciate!”

Pretty great words coming from people outside of our group of  families.  As our mission says “promote the values of sportsmanship, discipline, integrity, self-esteem, physical and mental conditioning, with an overriding goal of having fun.”  Truly, we are:  CREATING A LEGACY!!!